Making Karting Great Again, Affordable & Fun

*  Our Motto is to promote karting at grass root levels,
*  Maintain a professionally administered sport,
*  Provide an environment for all of the Karting Industry to prosper and earn a fair living
*  Providing good value for the Club Karter.
Australian Kart Racers Alliance (AKRA)

Attention Karters & Kart Clubs – both current and past: 

Like you, we at AKRA are Kart Racers.
Have been in and around Karting since we were kids from the early to mid 1980's so we have seen a bit around the karting traps both good and bad.
We raced as kids and Adults, started Driving Coaching in the mid 1990's with some of the current V8 Supercar drivers when they were kids.
Had our own kart designed (Fox Kart),  made and Imported from Italy and operated a Retail Kart Shop and Engine building service.

After a bit of a spell away from Karting and back to a childhood Hobby of Model Car & Slot Car racing, Coming back into Karting as an Over 40 and seeing the discontent of karters at Club Level and the desire to promote Corporate Karting Days again (because they are fun & social)
Forming AKRA was next challenge and is our way of making Karting Great Again.
Hope you (and your clubs)  still enjoy karting and want to join us too.

-  We offer insurance for Karting Clubs, Licensing, Event Insurance and Simple Rules...
-  AKRA was created in 2016 because of the many Karters of Australia who have been disadvantaged or simply not happy with current Rule Makers
-  AKRA is here to fill the void for the Club Karters and Clubs of Australia who cater for the average Club Karter who's main objective is affordable family fun.
-  Using hard tyres to keep running costs down and Yamaha Engines that many karters already have or are available at very affordable second hand prices.
-  We are happy to combined both new and old engines with a parity formula that would work for any kart club.
-  Club Karting should cost karters only $100-200 per club meeting, not $1,000 plus per event (that is just not fun for all) and if our hobby/sport is too expensive the Karters or potential new karters will simply go elwhere.
-  We have to be attractive as a hobby otherwise the Karting industry will die

-  We aim to get more people into and staying into karting, not afraid of the startup and running costs of karting. 
​- New Karters to our hobby will keep our kart clubs and tracks financial and more viable, and lets be honest here, karting is a hobby not a professional sport.
- New Karters should be able to take advantage of the many many cheap and affordable second/hand karts on the market and have an opportunity to use and race them as they are.

- The idea of having to buy a $1,800 - 3,000 plus engine then buy a $5,000 chassis with tyres then you have Helmet, Gloves, Boots, some Tools, a car trailer too............ ohhh ......... and a $300 license. The New Karter is going to question is this a good choice for my $10,000 plus investment.
They are likely to say "Bugger that I'll buy a Motor Bike and ride it at more places and or simply choose another hobby."
For $10,000 you can buy a cheap race car.......

- New Karters or any Club Karter should be able to buy a $1,000 kart fix it up and go race it OR if they are not too mechanically minded Im sure they could pick up a sorted kart for $2,500. NOW that's got to be more attractive for the Club Karter - what do you think?